Timed Gait Test: Normative Data for the Assessment of the AIDS Dementia Complex (bibtex)
	title = {Timed {Gait} {Test}: {Normative} {Data} for the {Assessment} of the {AIDS} {Dementia} {Complex}},
	volume = {28},
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	url = {http://ict.usc.edu/pubs/Timed%20Gait%20Test-%20Normative%20Data%20for%20the%20Assessment%20of%20the%20AIDS%20Dementia%20Complex.pdf},
	doi = {10.1080/13803390500205684},
	abstract = {The Timed Gait test is a standardized procedure assessing motor dysfunction of lower extremities and gait abnormalities associated with AIDS dementia complex. Heretofore, interpretations of Timed Gait results have been hampered by the lack of normative data. We provide results on this test derived from 1,549 subjects (HIV-seronegatives (HIV-) and seropositives (HIV+) classified according to ADC stage). Timed Gait was found to be a useful screening and assessment tool for evaluating ADC and correlated with clinical ADC staging as well as more extensive structured neurological and neuropsychological evaluations. Analysis of covariance results (with age and education as covariates) revealed symptomatic HIV+(SX) and AIDS groups having significantly slower Timed Gait scores than those in the HIV– and asymptomatic HIV+(ASX) groups. The SX group obtained significantly slower timed gait scores than those in the AIDS group. There was a significant increase in Timed Gait scores with each increase in dementia staging with the HIV- subjects having the fastest mean Timed Gait scores and the HIV+ dementia stage 2+ having the slowest. These normative data should prove useful in both recognition of ADC and treatment response. Given its minimal training requirements, the Timed Gait would have utility in resource limited settings.},
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