A Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Application for Iraq War Military Personnel with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: From Training to Toy to Treatment (bibtex)
	title = {A {Virtual} {Reality} {Exposure} {Therapy} {Application} for {Iraq} {War} {Military} {Personnel} with {Post} {Traumatic} {Stress} {Disorder}: {From} {Training} to {Toy} to {Treatment}},
	url = {http://ict.usc.edu/pubs/A%20Virtual%20Reality%20Exposure%20Therapy%20Application%20for%20Iraq%20War%20Military%20Personnel%20with%20Post%20Traumatic%20Stress%20Disorder-%20From%20Training%20to%20Toy%20to%20Treatment.pdf},
	abstract = {Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is reported to be caused by traumatic events that are outside the range of usual human experiences including (but not limited to) military combat, violent personal assault, being kidnapped or taken hostage and terrorist attacks. Initial data suggests that 1 out of 6 Iraq War veterans are exhibiting symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD. Virtual Reality (VR) exposure treatment has been used in previous treatments of PTSD patients with reports of positive outcomes. The aim of the current paper is to specify the rationale, design and development of a Virtual Iraq PTSD VR application that has been created from the virtual assets that were initially developed for a combat tactical training simulation, which then served as the inspiration for the X-Box game entitled Full Spectrum Warrior.},
	booktitle = {{NATO} {Advanced} {Research} {Workshop} on {Novel} {Approached} to the {Diagnosis} and {Treatment} of {Posttraumatic} {Stress} {Disorder}},
	author = {Rizzo, Albert and Pair, Jarrell and Graap, Ken and Manson, Brian and McNerney, Peter J. and Wiederhold, Brenda K. and Wiederhold, Mark and Spira, James},
	month = mar,
	year = {2006},
	keywords = {MedVR, Virtual Humans}
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