A Virtual Reality Scenario for All Seasons: The Virtual Classroom (bibtex)
	address = {Las Vegas, NV},
	title = {A {Virtual} {Reality} {Scenario} for {All} {Seasons}: {The} {Virtual} {Classroom}},
	url = {http://ict.usc.edu/pubs/A%20Virtual%20Reality%20Scenario%20for%20All%20Seasons-%20The%20Virtual%20Classroom%20(HCI).pdf},
	abstract = {Rather than relying on costly physical mock-ups of functional assessment and rehabilitation environments, VR offers the option to produce and distribute identical "standard" environments. Within such digital assessment and rehabilitation scenarios, normative data can be accumulated for performance comparisons needed for assessment, diagnosis and for training purposes. As well, in this manner, reusable archetypic virtual environments constructed for one purpose, could also be applied for clinical applications addressing other purposes. This has now been done with the Virtual Classroom scenario. While originally developed as a controlled stimulus environment in which attention processes could be systematically assessed in children while in the presence of varying levels of distraction, the system is now finding use for other clinical targets. Such applications that are being developed and tested using the Virtual Classroom for other purposes include: 1. Expansion of the range of attention assessment tests (i.e., a \_Stroop` Interference testing system for all ages). 2. A wide field of view system to study eye tracking under distracting conditions with ADHD children using an Elumens VisionStation®. 3. Development of the Virtual Classroom as a tool for anxiety assessment and graduated exposure therapy for children with Social Anxiety Disorder. 4. An extension to the class to include a maze of halls leading out of the school for an earthquake safety training application with persons with developmental and learning disabilities.},
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