Development of a Benchmarking Scenario for Testing 3D User Interface Devices and Interaction Methods (bibtex)
	address = {Las Vegas, NV},
	title = {Development of a {Benchmarking} {Scenario} for {Testing} 3D {User} {Interface} {Devices} and {Interaction} {Methods}},
	url = {},
	abstract = {To address a part of the challenge of testing and comparing various 3D user interface devices and methods, we are currently developing and testing a VR 3D User Interface benchmarking scenario. The approach outlined in this paper focuses on the capture of human interaction performance on object selection and manipulation tasks using standardized and scalable block configurations that allow for measurement of speed and efficiency with any interaction device or method. The block configurations that we are using as benchmarking stimuli are accompanied by a pure mental rotation visuospatial assessment test. This feature will allow researchers to test usersX existing spatial abilities and statistically parcel out the variability due to innate ability, from the actual hands-on performance metrics. This statistical approach could lead to a more pure analysis of the ergonomic features of interaction devices and methods separate from existing user abilities. An initial test was conducted at two sites using this benchmarking system to make comparisons between 3D/gesture-based and 2D/mouse-based interactions for 3D selection and manipulation. Our preliminary results demonstrated, as expected, that the 3D/gesture based method in general outperformed the 2D/mouse interface. As well there were statistically significant performance differences between different user groups when categorized by their sex, visuospatial ability and educational background.},
	booktitle = {Proceedings of the 11th {International} {Conference} on {Human} {Computer} {Interaction}},
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