Autonomous Virtual Human Agents for Healthcare Information Support and Clinical Interviewing (bibtex)
	address = {Philadelphia, PA},
	title = {Autonomous {Virtual} {Human} {Agents} for {Healthcare} {Information} {Support} and {Clinical} {Interviewing}},
	isbn = {978-0-12-420248-1},
	url = {},
	abstract = {Over the last 20 years, a virtual revolution has taken place in the use of Virtual Reality simulation technology for clinical purposes. Recent shifts in the social and scientific landscape have now set the stage for the next major movement in Clinical Virtual Reality with the “birth” of intelligent virtual human (VH) agents. Seminal research and development has appeared in the creation of highly interactive, artificially intelligent and natural language capable VHs that can engage real human users in a credible fashion. VHs can now be designed to perceive and act in a virtual world, engage in face-to-face spoken dialogues, and in some cases they are capable of exhibiting human-like emotional reactions. This chapter will detail our applications in this area where a virtual human can provide private online healthcare information and support (i.e., SimCoach) and where a VH can serve the role as a clinical interviewer (i.e., SimSensei).},
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