Virtual Simulations and the Second Life Metaverse: Paradigm Shift in Neuropsychological Assessment (bibtex)
	title = {Virtual {Simulations} and the {Second} {Life} {Metaverse}: {Paradigm} {Shift} in {Neuropsychological} {Assessment}},
	url = {},
	abstract = {In neuropsychology's received paradigm, the "normal science" of assessment and treatment planning appears to be approaching a paradigm shift: first, there are the general developments in other neurosci- ences that inform the practice of neuropsychological assessment. Second, there is the shift in the purpose of neuropsychological assessment from differential diagnosis of brain pathology to predictions about activities of everyday functioning and treatment planning. Third, there is growing need that neuropsy- chologists update their outdated technology for ecologically valid assessments. The impending paradigm shift may be well served to include the utility of virtual worlds for ecologically valid neuropsychological assessments. Actualization of the potential of virtual worlds for assessment will require the following: comparisons with well-validated neuropsychological measures, data storage, improved documentation of specific computer hardware and software used in experimental methods, and enhanced methods and result reporting by the researchers publishing studies on virtual worlds.},
	booktitle = {Virtual {Worlds}, {Second} {Life} and {Metaverse} {Platforms}: {New} {Communication} and {Identity} {Paradigms}},
	publisher = {IGI Global},
	author = {Parsons, Thomas D.},
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