Neuropsychological Assessment using the Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test (bibtex)
	title = {Neuropsychological {Assessment} using the {Virtual} {Reality} {Cognitive} {Performance} {Assessment} {Test}},
	url = {},
	abstract = {The traditional approach to assessing neurocognitive performance makes use of paper and pencil neuropsychological assessments. This received approach has been criticized as limited in the area of ecological validity. The newly developed Virtual Reality Cognitive Performance Assessment Test (VRCPAT) focuses upon enhanced ecological validity using virtual environment scenarios to assess neurocognitive processing. The VRCPAT battery and a europsychological assessment were conducted with a sample of healthy adults. Findings suggest 1) good construct validity for the Memory Module; and 2) that increase in stimulus complexity and stimulus intensity can manipulate attention performance within the Attention Module.},
	booktitle = {Proceedings of the 2008 {International} {Conference} on {Disability}, {Virtual} {Reality} and {Associated} {Technology}},
	author = {Parsons, Thomas D. and Cosand, Louise and Courtney, Chris and Iyer, Arvind and Rizzo, Albert},
	month = sep,
	year = {2008},
	keywords = {MedVR}
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