Neurocognitive functioning and HAART in HIV and hepatitis C virus co-infection (bibtex)
	title = {Neurocognitive functioning and {HAART} in {HIV} and hepatitis {C} virus co-infection},
	volume = {20},
	url = {},
	abstract = {Objectives: This study examined the effects of HAART on neurocognitive functioning in persons with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV co-infection. Design: A prospective study examining neurocognitive performance before and after HAART initiation. Method: Participant groups included a mono-infected group (45 HIV/HCV-participants) and a co-infected group (20 HIV/HCV participants). A neuropsychological battery (attention/concentration, psychomotor speed, executive functioning, verbal memory, visual memory, fine motor, and gross motor functioning) was used to evaluate all participants. After 6 months of HAART, 31 HIV mono-infected and 13 HCV/ HIV co-infected participants were reevaluated. Results: Neurocognitive functioning by domain revealed significantly worse performance in the co-infected group when compared to the monoinfected group on domains of visual memory and fine motor functioning. Assessment of neurocognitive functioning after antiretroviral therapy revealed that the co-infected group was no longer performing worse than the monoinfected group. Conclusions: The findings of the current study suggest that persons with HCV/HIV co-infection may have greater neurocognitive declines than persons with HIV infection alone. HCV/HIV co-infection may accelerate the progression of HIV related neurocognitive decline.},
	journal = {AIDS},
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