The Effect of An Animated Virtual Character on Mobile Chat Interactions (bibtex)
	address = {Daegu, Korea},
	title = {The {Effect} of {An} {Animated} {Virtual} {Character} on {Mobile} {Chat} {Interactions}},
	isbn = {978-1-4503-3527-0},
	url = {},
	abstract = {This study explores presentation techniques for a 3D animated
chat-based virtual human that communicates engagingly
with users. Interactions with the virtual human occur
via a smartphone outside of the lab in natural settings. Our
work compares the responses of users who interact with no
image or a static image of a virtual character as opposed to
the animated visage of a virtual human capable of displaying
appropriate nonverbal behavior. We further investigate users’
responses to the animated character’s gaze aversion which
displayed the character’s act of looking away from users and
was presented as a listening behavior. The findings of our
study demonstrate that people tend to engage in conversation
more by talking for a longer amount of time when they interact
with a 3D animated virtual human that averts its gaze,
compared to an animated virtual human that does not avert its
gaze, a static image of a virtual character, or an audio-only
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