Threats to the Livelihood of the Forensic Neuropsychological Practice: Avoiding Ethical Misconduct (bibtex)
	title = {Threats to the {Livelihood} of the {Forensic} {Neuropsychological} {Practice}: {Avoiding} {Ethical} {Misconduct}},
	volume = {4},
	url = {},
	doi = {10.1300/J151v04n03_06},
	abstract = {We review six diverse issues that have the potential of devaluing our profession, in that ethical missteps could lead to the perception or reality that the work of forensic neuropsychologists is "for sale." By resisting temptations or overtures to engage in inappropriate conduct, such as attacking colleagues or failing to recognize how our own biases might influence our behavior or opinions, neuropsychologists strive to create a work product that enhances the reputation of our profession and makes a positive contribution to the public-at-large.},
	number = {3},
	journal = {Journal of Forensic Neuropsychology},
	author = {Grote, Christopher L. and Parsons, Thomas D.},
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