A Multisite, Randomized Clinical Trial of Virtual Reality and Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Active Duty Soldiers with PTSD (bibtex)
	type = {Annual},
	title = {A {Multisite}, {Randomized} {Clinical} {Trial} of {Virtual} {Reality} and {Prolonged} {Exposure} {Therapy} for {Active} {Duty} {Soldiers} with {PTSD}},
	url = {http://ict.usc.edu/pubs/A%20Multisite,%20Randomized%20Clinical%20Trial%20of%20Virtual%20Reality%20and%20Prolonged%20Exposure%20Therapy%20for%20Active%20Duty%20Soldiers%20with%20PTSD.pdf},
	abstract = {This randomized, single blind study extends recruitment to an additional active duty site (Womack Army Medical Center at Ft Bragg) in support of a previously funded clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) and prolonged exposure therapy (PE) with a waitlist (WL) group in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in active duty (AD) Soldiers with combat-related trauma. During the first year, the study team developed the infrastructure to implement the trial including personnel recruitment, hiring, and initial training, process development to identify, screen, and enroll participants, and research protocol development and approval by IRB s. During the second year hiring of clinical staff and training of the study team was completed. Recruitment and enrollment commenced.},
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